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The clean solution

Professional warewashing, cleaning and disinfection technology

Whatever type of ware you work with, MEIKO develops solutions and supports the processes required to ensure professional dishwashing, cleaning and disinfection. With over 2,000 employees in 30 countries, MEIKO is a global technology and service company that plays a key role in shaping today's market developments. With its professional warewashing systems, washer-disinfectors, and food waste disposal technology, MEIKO is the go-to choice for clean and intelligent solutions.

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Hygienists have confirmed

that dishes are free of the coronavirus after one wash cycle in a MEIKO dishwashing machine

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UPster B – Sophisticated warewashing technology

UPster B is the name of a new generation of warewashing technology. Perfectly tailored for people and the environment, UPster B machines are economical, resource-efficient and user-friendly.

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MEIKO Service is there for you

MEIKO Service is there for you - competent and reliable. We do not let rush hour, adverse weather conditions, short timelines or lofty heights stop us to get your machine back up and running. Whether on the service hotline or on site: MEIKO service technicians make the impossible possible - worldwide.

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Zhejiang University uses over 30 MEIKO machines

Five campuses cover an area of 4,503,741 square meters and MEIKO’s involvement on site is equally enormous. Zhejiang has 13 B-Tronic dishwashers, three wide band BA machines, one AZP 80 dewatering unit, plus numerous conveyors and tray stackers and six K-Tronic dishwashing machines. DV80 hood type dishwashers feature in 17 canteens over the five campuses.

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Celebrating 20 years of “Made by MEIKO” in China

On Monday, 20th of February 2017 MEIKO will open the doors of the MEIKO factory in Zhongshan, China, offering nearly 100 invited MEIKO customers from all over Asia Pacific, India and the Middle East a first-hand experience of the production facility and the products “Made by MEIKO”. The label “Made by MEIKO” stands for high-class engineering, quality and design, and guarantees the cleanest solution and the most innovative technology for warewashing, cleaning and disinfection.

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