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    MEIKO website relaunch vastly improves usability

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    Helping customers to achieve their goals faster and easier – Meiko Maschinenbau from Offenburg, Germany, is taking care of exactly that on the Internet. Their recently redesigned homepage now lets users find exactly the information they want with fewer clicks and faster navigation. This step is one more effort in the continuous expansion of online activities by the German manufacturer of professional warewashing, cleaning and disinfection technology. Under the online addresses, as well as 18 additional country domains, Meiko shares all the information relevant to the company and its products in general, but also detailed info and in-depth know-how around its core topics with customers, distributors and planners.

    “Usability and user-friendliness as well as structuring the information more clearly so that it can be navigated intuitively – those were our main objectives for the redesign of the website,” says Sybille Hamann, director of marketing and communications at Meiko. Far over 100 case studies on the new website help to give users a more neutral and objective opinion on the capabilities of the company and its products. “We believe, our customers gain a lot in terms of expediency by learning what their industry peers have to say about our technology and our merits rather than from just us,” Hamann says.

    Thanks to the new website’s streamlined architecture, visitors need fewer clicks to navigate to the information they desire and get what they need quicker and more reliably. This is achieved through an enhanced website structure and transparency, information organized in industry sectors, as well as options for interaction on every subpage. Meiko’s product landscape is presented interactively: technical details in particular are explained in an accessible and easy-to-comprehend fashion supported by videos. A product finder makes it easier for customers to find the right information faster. “We have made sure that service-orientation is prominent in every step of the user experience. This also reflects that our technical support is always close by and easy to activate,” Sibylle Hamann addsi