The clean solution

The new commercial dishwashing machine

M-iClean U – the fast track to clean and dry washware

M-iClean U

Get ready for a new era of warewashing

Qualifying and warm-up have ended and the countdown has already begun with the sales launch due in 2019. On your marks! MEIKO is set with a new commercial dishwashing machine. The name – MEIKO – remains the same. But a lot of things are new.

Our engineers have been working all out to optimise parts and functions. GiO MODULE and components for the supply disconnection? You ask. Yes, but integrated into the glasswasher. That saves space, as well as installation and maintenance costs. What about heat recovery? Of course! And it is highly efficient with a larger stainless steel surface area. The name: MEIKO ComfortAir. Removes up to 80 % steam. For convenient, comfortable and super speedy dishwashing. And the hygiene is exceptional. The fresh water and condensate water circulate in a completely separate system.

    Punkt2 AirConcept M-iQ
    Heat recovery to enhance air qualitiy and energy efficiency

    Heat recovery to enhance air qualitiy and energy efficiency


    Take the fast track with our new heat recovery system

    Percentage reduction in steam*
    M-iClean UM with glasses
    Time saved in seconds*
    M-iClean US dishwasher from MEIKO
    Percentage energy saving*
    MEIKO M-iClean UL with sheets

    The new M-iClean U is your perfect fit –We would be pleased to advise you.


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    Conclusion: With the new M-iClean U commercial dishwasher, a new era in warewashing is dawning. Amazing.

    Get it done faster:

    • with faster wash cycles
    • working in comfort, with reduced steam levels
    • with faster drying
    • with faster installation
    • with lower running and maintenance costs
    • with cleanliness and hygiene

    On track for success with the new commercial dishwashing machine M-iClean U

    Discover all the benefits, step by step

    Installed faster

    All disconnection components are integrated into the machine. Compact dimensions and the integrated GiO MODULE reduce space requirements and render time-consuming pre-installation or alterations unnecessary. That saves you time, space and money.



    MEIKO heat recovery
    Washing faster

    The new glasswasher M-iClean U is changing the game – the new design and increased size of the heat recovery tank saves a juicy 30 seconds* per wash cycle. That's a record.


    M-iClean U dish drying
    Drying faster

    The new heat recovery system condenses even more moist steam on the internal wall of the machine. That means that by the end of the cycle, the residual moisture is down by up to 98 %* on the plates and up to 75 %* on the glasses.


    Calculator MEIKO
    Saving faster

    This sensational new heat recovery system saves valuable resources on the new M-iClean U. The result: up to 21 %* lower running costs. That's a record.

    Glass washer MEIKO M-iClean U pre-installation
    Super speedy filter changes

    On the new M-iClean U, you can change the fine filter yourself. And it's quick and easy to do. A pit stop with no downtime and maintenance costs.


    Display of the M-iClean U
    Getting the picture faster

    Use Private Label to turn the new M-iClean U into a fully customised MEIKO machine just for you. Configure your welcome screen with your own logo. You can even save up to three different images as screen savers, such as contact details for our service team.


    quick clearing M-iClean U
    Making friends faster

    Employees will immediately fall in love with the user-friendly blue operating concept and the pleasant climate achieved by the new highly efficient heat recovery system. And that means that they will be more motivated.

    Glasswasher MEIKO M-iClean U
    Quality made by MEIKO is always a winner.

    Stainless steel instead of plastic and innovative technology where nothing is outdated. The top quality of the M-iClean U will put you on track for success. Sustainable.

    Clear out M-iClean U quickly
    Unloading faster with less cumbersome steam

    When the LED indicator handle turns blue, the wash cycle is finished. Time to open the door – and not get a face full of steam. Fast and convenient. No steam damage to furniture and no steam on your glasses. Clean and hygienic – and time for the next wash.


    MEIKO M-iClean U
    Less steam through the M-iClean U

    * The figures stated are maximum values and are in comparison to the previous model.