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Bartender courses during COVID-19 pandemic taught on the internet

Seize the day. Get training now to be ready for the time after the shut down. The Brighton based Mixology Group offers bartender courses online.


Become a bartender at home

Mixology Group in Brighton runs approved and accredited courses at its headquarters in Brighton and travels to provide training in Cocktails and Mixology, Molecular Mixology and Bartenders certification.

Social distancing measures due to the coronavirus pandemic have to be followed and like many UK schools and universities, Mixology has turned to the internet to keep running. It is now teaching its Wine and Spirit Trust Level 1 & 2 Spirit courses via the Zoom cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinars.

Course manuals and spirit samples are sent by post and the course is taught in three days over the interactive platform. Exams still need to be sat in a classroom once it is safe.

"We are teaching live 'on the air' rather than pre-recording a teaching session. It is important to keep everything in sequence so that you have a logical path to follow.

Myles Cunliffe, Director Mixology Group

Teaching takes place 'live on the air'

According to Myles Cunliffe, Director Mixology Group sessions are taught live 'on the air' rather than pre-recorded. It is important to keep everything in sequence so that students have a logical path to follow. Anything that needs to be shared, for example, recipes, photographs, is provided in an accessible format that all course members can use. The groups has found PowerPoint to be ideal for this. 

Cunliffe mentions: "We are also developing a professional course over five days for cocktails. This course will use live teaching, but also a mix of pre-recorded information for cocktail recipes, for example; there is a lot of movement involved in putting some cocktails together!"

The school tries to make it as comfortable as possible for their students. What they cannot offer though is the comfort of crystal-clear glasses washed in their professional dishwasher M-iClean U with reverse osmosis water treatment.

Would you like to learn how to mix a 'Pea Shoot Sour'? Myles of Mixology Group explains it in his outdoor mixology studio step by step. Get inspired and check out more cocktail recipes here. To find out more about the Mixology Group and their course programme go to their website.