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Assure hygiene using the right warewashing technology

Many states are starting to get back to normal: schools, nursery schools and museums are reopening and even food service establishments are getting ready to welcome customers. Though there are restrictions and hygiene regulations which must be followed. Reopening brings with it all kinds of questions about hygiene and implementing requirements. We answer some of them here.

Getting back to normality

Distancing rules and caps on numbers of people differ in each state. So what can be done to assure hygiene in hotels, bars and restaurants going forward? And how can those operating food service and hotel companies be sure that they are not spreading the virus on glasses, cutlery and dishes? The German Hotel and Restaurant Association advises machine washing dishes at a temperature of at least 60 °C. Thorsten Statkus, Field Sales Representative at MEIKO Deutschland GmbH, goes into more detail about what to watch out for in your dishwashing area.

How can food service and hotel managers assure hygiene in their dishwashing areas?

I think that we all need to be more aware of hygiene. Food service and hotel managers should know that machine dishwashing is superior and they need to use appropriately safe and reliable technology.

To do that, they will need a good design for their dishwashing area and the whole process. There are many issues to consider and to communicate to all employees.

Things such as, where do I put the dirty dishes? How do I protect myself? How do I handle clean dishes?

What exactly do they need to keep in mind when washing dishes, glasses and cutlery?

Coronavirus is highly infectious so a 100 % safe and reliable clean can genuinely save lives where glasses, cutlery and dishes may be contaminated. Our commercial warewashing technology uses an assured cleaning process to remove almost all viruses and other pathogens. The mechanics, detergent, temperature and duration of the wash all work together to achieve this. Realistically, washing by hand cannot permanently inactivate coronaviruses.

What assurances can food service managers get from manufacturers of warewashing technology?

Managers should check that dishwashing machines have the right certificates. Dr Friedrich von Rheinbaben is a visiting lecturer, as well as a virologist and hygienist at hygiene institute HygCen in Schwerin. He certified the MEIKO cleaning process as safe and effective. We know we are right when we say that items washed in our dishwashing machines come out coronavirus free.