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How innovative warewashing technology helps to save time and money in the food service sector

The value of time is growing for both businesses and individuals. Managers have to ensure time is not wasted and invest in fast workflows. One way to do this is using professional warewashing technology, operting incomewhich can help with meeting customers' expectations and increasing operating income.


Diners value quick service. That is according to a 2017 survey run by Bookatable by Michelin. Almost 3,000 diners were surveyed and 60 % rated a wait of over half an hour for food and drink as unacceptable. Businesses need to pay attention: the longer the wait, the less happy the customers. Some even leave to go elsewhere – stomachs still grumbling and wallets still full. That reduces table occupation and damages the restaurant's image. So what do you do when the timing is off and business is suffering? Optimise kitchen processes, get rid of anything that wastes time and use professional warewashing technology.

The dishwashing area is the heart that keeps your crockery circulating

In the kitchens of international hotels, restaurants and other food service establishments, everything has to run like clockwork – at the chopping boards, the hob, the deep fat fryer and even in the dishwashing area. It is the heart that keeps your crockery circulating but it can also be a bottleneck. After all, the wash cycle has to be perfectly matched to the overall workflow in order to get the perfect timing for diners even during busy periods.

Lightning fast commercial dishwashers for your crockery, cutlery and glassware will make all the difference. And they help ensure that your sales work out. Johann Wagner, Product Manager for MEIKO, a German company specialising in warewashing technology, views the dishwashing area as an independent area of production: ‘The warewashing process as a whole is made up of individual functions which have to run seamlessly from one to the other,’ he explained to industry magazine, ‘Allgemeine Hotel- und Gastronomie-Zeitung.’ He believes that the biggest problems are found in how crockery circulates and how that is organised.

Specialist dishwashing machines win on speed

A professionally planned dishwashing area is the ideal environment for the speed of a high-tech, specialist dishwashing machine to work its magic. Here, it fits perfectly into the overall processes and quickly pays for itself. A commercial dishwashing machine will have done its bit in three to five minutes. That is astonishingly fast. What would you say if high-tech warewashing technology could save your business even more time in the future? What about an entire 30 seconds per wash cycle? Think how that adds up over days, weeks, months or the whole year. That is exactly how much time you could save with the new M-iClean U by MEIKO. The MEIKO experts further developed our commercial dishwashing machine and now it also saves not only time but up to 20 % on energy and releases up to 80 % less steam, without compromising on ease of use.

Shining dishes for real guys
with the dishwasher M-iClean U

Don't waste time!

Optimise your workflows, especially in the place where bottlenecks can arise in a moment: the dishwashing area. Outdated or poorly planned warewashing technology costs time and money but fast specialist dishwashing machines like the new M-iClean U by MEIKO have got it sorted. Even your diners will be able to tell and they'll come back again and again.

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